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Artsnacks Ink Collection Box 2022

Hello everyone! This year I decided once again to pre-order the Artsnacks ink box and it has finally arrived! This box offers a challenge to create 31 ink drawings during the 31 days of October utilizing only the items and prompts within the box. This is not a partnership with Inktober this year, however many of you may have heard of this concept from that original ink drawing every day in October challenge. So, let's see what's in the box!

Every box comes with a card that lists all the items in the box. On the back is the calendar for October with all our prompts on it.

The first item I noticed when I opened the box was the Liquitex ink, the Rubine Red color is truly stunning and will definitely add a gorgeous pop of color to my black and white drawings for the month. It seems like the color you get is random, so I am lucky to have received my favorite color as my ink. We also received a brush that can be used with the inks in this box. The brush is the Princeton Heritage Series 4050 Synthetic Sable Brush. It is a round brush that could be good for filling in decent size areas or adding details.

One of my favorite items in the box was the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens. This is a set of 6 India ink soft brush pens. There are several shades of grey and one indigo. I love the Faber-Castell colored pencils that I have, so I am thrilled to try these.

We also get an ink marker. The Higgins India Ink Pump Maker works similarly to how the Posca Paint Pens work, you push the nib down to release the ink and then it is ready to use. This is also refillable, which I appreciate as someone who cares about the environment. This one will also be good for filling in bigger areas.

The Copic Gassenfude Brush Pen is one that will be more of a challenge for me to use. I tend to stuggle with finding the correct pressure to use when it comes to brush pens. This one is a water-based ink that dried to be water resistant, which means once it's dry it will be perfect to add watercolor over. Similarly, there were three Sakura Pigma Micron Pens included in this box, in the 08, 10, and 12 size. I am not a huge fan of these pens, but these are thicker than any of the other ones I have tried so might prove to bet sturdier.

Next we have the Speedball Calligraphy Ink in White. This is such a vivid white that be great to add highlights with. The box also includes a Speedball pen holder and nibs for it. I have used some of the Speedball products in the past and the inks are very good quality. I am not great at using the pens, but this challenge helps me improve every year. The box also came with a full size Speedball Arnhem sketchbook with 20 pages of cotton paper. The art featured on the sketchbook and sticker for the box this year is from Bernie Martinez, or @bernabemtz on Instagram. They are probably more talented with ink than I will ever be, so definitely check out their stuff!

And that is everything that came in this box. I swatched each item in my bullet journal and also made a video showing off each of these items if you are interested in seeing that! I am super excited to use all of these new supplies and share my art with you all! Happy Drawing!

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